Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hiya friends! I know it's been a while, but if you follow me on Instagram (my favorite form of social media because it is fast and collects my world in pic's) you know I'm around daily!

Well, I am 7 wks into rejoining Weight Watchers and going to meetings. I must say that it has been the best decision I have made in a while. I finally feel like I am in a place where I am in control and each day my strength is increasing. When I'm having a bad day I just keep to my points and stick to the program and it gets me to the next day. 

Over all I'm not struggling too much really. I am eating the food I like and the only real thing I'm doing differently (as I ate pretty healthy before) is altering a few things for less point items, reducing portions, and eating at home almost all the time. 

So I have exciting news today! Today was the final weigh in for my Dietbet hosted by Chris and Heidi Powell and I made my goal by .1lb!! I'm so flippin' happy and proud that I stuck to it!! I had a total of 12.5lbs I had to lose. That brings my total for the year to 13.6! My other exciting news? I finally said by to the 300's today-fully dressed!! I reached my first big goal. Two more lbs and I have reached my 5%, which is my next goal! A great way to start a fresh new week!

I've decided, with the convincing of a friend ;), to join another diet bet today! It is a longer one (6mth). There is still monthly goals and pots of $$ to win but the grand prize is the biggest, and in total you need to lose 10% of your body weight. 

I wasn't sure about going right from one bet into another but I figured it will keep me in line and on program right through summer and into Fall and hopefully help me reach the goal I have set for myself to reach by December. I really hope I can feel the difference in my body the next 15lbs. I do not wear snug clothing at all so up to this point, I'm not physically seeing a change, and I am eager to lose enough that I can see my hard work paying off!

A few quick tips I thought I would share of things that are making it easier for me when it comes to tracking, meals and being satisfied. I hear others in my meeting talk about how difficult they find being consistent with tracking. I have been a tracking pro! I have tracked every.single.meal. for the last 49 days, and don't plan to stop. It is the one thing that truly makes me stay accountable!!

My suggestions to make things easier; 
  • When you get home from the grocery store figure out and label all items that you don't know the values of, off the top of your head. When you are looking for a snack or putting a meal together it will help you make choices within your points available and will make putting a meal together easier to roughly figure out in your head.
  • Take the time to do some meal preparation. I know weekends are precious but this really does help!! I make a huge batch of pancakes to freeze, hard boiled eggs, potatoes, oatmeal squares, wash and cut carrots, etc. You don't have to pre-make your entire meals of the week but by having some basics ready, it will speed things up and keep you on track!
  • If you are like me sometimes you just need butter!! For the times I feel this is a must I measure out my 1 or 2 tsp, melt it then brush it on your bread, veggies whatever. It makes it seem like it goes so much further!
  • Eat your fruits and veggies!!! It shocks me how many people eat with no color. I mean, meal after meal it is beige and processed unhealthy. It is the #1 reason I will stop following someone trying to get "healthy" and lose weight. They are almost all FREE, FILLING and HEALTHY!! Eat up!! I add veggies or fruit to almost every single meal. I snack on fruit in smoothies, or with a little nut butter, or try veggies and hummus. If you are having a cheat meal at home fine, but add a cup of broccoli to that burger and fries! Corn dogs? Sure, they go great with a big salad or some steamed asparagus! Eat the rainbow...everyday!!
These are a few things that are working for me. I'm sure I will have more to add along the way. One of the members at my meeting suggested eating popcorn with chopsticks. That is my goal this week. I am going to eat everything possible with chopsticks to force me to slow down and really enjoy my food :-)

What are some things you do to make eating healthy easier?
What do you struggle with most?

Have a wonderful week my friends, I will keep you posted with my new goals and dietbet!


Thanks for stopping by,I love hearing from you!

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