Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When fail, try, try again...

Hiya! How is February going for you? I can't believe it's almost over already!! 

I have to say mine didn't go as well as I expected.

I started out the beginning of February in a good place. I signed up for my first ever dietbet and was half way with a chunk of time to complete it. Then I got sick. I started antibiotics and kept at my eating plan, but I wasn't able to workout with my bronchitis. No biggie, I thought as I lost the first 7lbs without.

Well after my 3rd day on my antibiotics I was up my entire 7lbs in one day. WTF??! The logical part of me knew this was not possible and had to be my meds, but I just felt SO defeated. I looked up my meds online and there was a fair number of articles where others had experienced the same thing. I had another 7 days on them to go.

So I had two days of not really tracking, feel sorry for myself, eating more slack and then I thought enough! I'm not doing this again. I'm sticking with it come hell or high water!!

I decided to check online for Weight watchers meetings. I have been to them 3 times over the past 7 years, but I really didn't like the leader, and it was always the same person. The other meetings were in another city, a bit too far for regular meet ups.

Turns out they are in the process of bringing in a new permanent leader! My first meeting went really well. I was recognized by other members as being the new person, and asked to come sit with them. The ladies were very friendly and we seemed to have a fair amount in common.

The meeting was lead by two provincial district people one representing AB and BC. It was a WAY better meeting then my previous experiences and I left feeling like I may actually have found a place to get the support I'm feeling that I'm lacking. I have fully tracked every morsel this entire week and even managed to earn a chunk of activity points.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of week 2. I'm actually looking forward to going to my meeting and starting a new week.

I never did make my dietbet. I did lose, but not my 4%. I was REALLY bummed about it but now I'm just thinking, Oh well! Life threw me some lemons, and I'm doing my best to make lemonade with them. I may not have won a portion of the pot or earned my investment back but I won in the battle with myself. I held my self accountable, recognized I was starting to slip, and took the measures I needed to find support. That in itself is a NSV :-)


  1. Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon! I know the feeling...you are on track and then suddenly life hands you a diversion! Stick with it though :)


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